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Pitong Dalagita

Watch Pitong Dalagita Free Pinoy Movie (Indie Film) Online.

What do girls in between being a teen and full-grown adults do in those awkward years?

One eventful Sunday morning, seven teenagers– six girls and one boy, are found lying on the playground inside a public high school with their wrists slashed.

An investigation leads the guidance counselor to the dark secrets that these teenagers keep: their personal desires, fears, insecurities and self-hatred.

Intriguingly, what starts as a simple love triangle leads to intertwined relationships of emotional interdependence, as the seven principal characters unravel their points of view on how events led to the final act of self-mutilation.

Angelica Panganiban
Yasmien Kurdi
Nadine Samonte
Valerie Concepcion
Cristine Reyes
J.R. Trinidad
Iwa Moto
Archie de Calma
Carmen Sanchez
Dennis Miranda
Anjo Bolarda
Gemma Laurel
Alex Balog Sr.
Ofleia Villamor

Category: Movies
Genre: Drama
Canary Films / Octo Arts Films
Released on Star Records Video

Direction, Story and Screenplay:
Crisaldo Pablo
Orly Ilacad

Note: This is a video. DOWNLOAD VISUAL STUDIO 2010 to download this free pinoy movie.

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