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Third World Happy

Watch Third World Happy Free Full Length Pinoy Movie Online.

WESLEY is a 32 year old naturalized Fil-American living in NY City. Upon leaving the Philippines 12 years ago, he left his grandmother and older brother to pursue his dreams of being a painter someday. Hampered with his guilt of leaving them behind plus the pressures of keeping up with the American way of life, the past years have gone by without WESLEY being an inch closer to his dreams.

As life would have it, in the middle of his life-crisis away from his homeland, he suddenly gets a phone-call saying that “A loved one” back in the Philippines has died and he needs to come back home to say goodbye. Problem is that two weeks before he came to NY, a tragic accident had taken the lives of his parents, since then he has never looked at a dead body in a coffin and hasn’t gone inside a funeral home.

Throughout his homecoming, his older brother, his friends, an aunt and an ex-girlfriend remind him of what life is truly all about—They also help him shine some light on his struggles back in the States and his struggle to look at his loved one in the coffin, to finally say his last goodbye and eventually help him move on with his life and start chasing his dream again.

Starring: Archi Adamos, Archie Alemanya, Ayin Noguera, Hector Macaso, Jodie Sta. Maria, Melissa Mendez, Monzi Reyes, Raul Morit, Richard Quan, Sam Milby, Sasi Casas, Tweet Sering

Genre: Drama

Director: Ej Salcedo

Producer: Creative Programs Inc.

Studio: Cinema One

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